DM Cantor: Leading the Way in Criminal Defense Excellence

In a remarkable achievement, DM Cantor, the leading Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer, has secured a record-breaking 167 complete criminal jury trial acquittals in Arizona, marking the highest count achieved by any law firm in the state.

This unparalleled success underscores their unparalleled expertise in defending clients facing serious criminal charges.

Additionally, DM Cantor has achieved over 700 assault and violent crimes pre-indictment “turn-downs,” dismissals, and charge reduction victories. These achievements highlight their effectiveness in navigating the complexities of criminal defense, ensuring favorable outcomes for their clients.

Beware of Domestic Violence Defense “Pretenders”

It’s essential to distinguish genuine expertise from mere claims in the realm of domestic violence defense. While many may replicate DM Cantor’s information, only DM Cantor can claim their extensive track record of jury trial complete acquittals and their distinction as board-certified criminal law specialists.

Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialization

DM Cantor boasts three board-certified criminal law specialists, the highest number among law firms in Arizona. With only 54 such specialists statewide among 19,000 attorneys, DM Cantor’s specialization signifies their commitment to excellence and legal prowess in criminal defense, particularly in domestic violence cases.

The Best Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney Defense Team

When evaluating the best defense team for domestic violence cases, experience is paramount. Founded by David Michel Cantor, a former city prosecutor with a record of 30 jury trial convictions, DM Cantor brings decades of expertise to the table. Both partners, Christine Whalin and Joey Hamby, are also board-certified criminal law specialists, collectively contributing to over 160 jury trial acquittals.

Phoenix Domestic Violence Charges and Their Elements

Phoenix domestic violence charges encompass various scenarios, including misdemeanor assaults and felony aggravated assaults, each with distinct legal implications. Understanding the elements and potential consequences is crucial in mounting an effective defense strategy.

Misdemeanor Assault – ARS 13-1203

Misdemeanor assaults range from Class 1 to Class 3 offenses, involving intentional or reckless physical injury or threats of physical harm. Penalties include fines, jail time, and mandatory counseling, depending on the severity of the offense.

Felony Aggravated Assault – ARS 13-1204

Felony aggravated assault escalates when certain aggravating factors are present, such as the use of deadly weapons, serious bodily harm, or assault on protected personnel like law enforcement officers or healthcare workers. The severity of penalties varies from Class 2 to Class 6 felonies, carrying substantial prison terms.

Domestic Violence Designation

A crucial aspect of domestic violence cases is the designation under ARS 13-3601, which applies when the victim has specific relationships with the accused, such as spouses, cohabitants, or individuals with shared children. This designation triggers additional legal consequences beyond standard assault charges.

Collateral Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

Convictions for domestic violence offenses entail severe collateral consequences, including restrictions on firearm possession, limitations in professional opportunities, and challenges in housing and educational settings. These consequences underscore the importance of robust legal defense strategies.

Defenses in Domestic Violence Cases

Effective defenses in domestic violence cases include self-defense, defense of others, defense of property, and challenges to false allegations or mistaken identity. Each defense strategy requires meticulous legal navigation to ensure favorable outcomes for the accused.


DM Cantor stands out as the preeminent defense firm in Arizona, renowned for its extensive expertise in domestic violence and criminal defense. With a record-setting number of jury trial acquittals and a team of board-certified specialists, DM Cantor offers unparalleled legal representation for clients facing serious criminal allegations.

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